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The Wheelchair Tray

Originator.......Tom Jeary


THE PROBLEM:  Most wheelchair bound people want a utility tray to hold odds and ends, shopping, meals, etc. and most also want a cup or drink holder.

THE SOLUTION:  This simple and inexpensive wooden tray is easy to build and very effective. Details are obvious from the photos. However each tray has to be customized to the individual chair as they vary considerably. The trick is that almost all chairs have a hollow forward facing horizontal tube under each armrest. Simply remove the caps and insert the rods. (the photos show wooden rods but 3/8 x 5/8 metal rods are stronger and can also be custom bent to fit the chair as often the armrests are at different heights. Also note, it will be necessary to remove the retaining screw from the forward end of the armrests to allow the rods to be inserted. Therefore the forward end of the armrest needs to be held in place with a nylon tie.

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