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The TV Controller 3

Originator.....Tom Jeary


THE PROBLEM:  to allow a patient with extremely limited motion ( in this case two fingers of the left hand only ) to completely operate his TV ( off/on, channel up/down, volume up/down and mute )

THE SOLUTION:  the product is a "Mini Relax" purchased through Tash ( 1-800-463-5685 ) This excellent unit scans through 6 functions and will operate any TV and other devices using infrared .The swivell platform is formed from 1/8" plastic as shown above.  1/4" of soft foam bonded to the underside gives good grip on the patient's leg and the universal swivell feature allows the unit to be pointed at the TV from different locations of the bed or wheelchair. The switch is mounted with a dab of silicon to a 2x3" plate and a piece of non slip rubber is bonded to the underside to keep it in place. 

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