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The TV Controller 2

Originator....... Tom Jeary


THE PROBLEM:   There are a great many people who, because of arthritis,various forms of paralysis or just aging, simply cannot hold and manipulate a TV controller.

THE SOLUTION:   Although there are some expensive electronic products on the market, this simple, purely mechanical divice is easy to make and very effective. The various photos above are self explanitory. The material used was Lexan heated and shaped to fit various controllers. The small tabs are bent at right angles.In many settings such as a hospital volume can be preset so that only three tabs are required for off/pn, channel up and channel down.Once  the unit is in place ( non-slip rubber on base or fastened to a bed or chair) controlling the TV is easily done just with the palm or wrist.  Various units have been well tested over the past 5 years.

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