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The Toileting Assistive Device




Originator.......Tom Jeary
Kitchener-Waterloo Designability


THE PROBLEM:  the client, with shortened forearms ( hands just below the elbows) did not have the reach to use toilet paper in a conventional manner. 

THE SOLUTION:   Photo 1.    The devive is made of lexan plastic and is designed to near-duplicate the hand action when using toilet paper. The larger tong acts as the index finger and the smaller tong acts as the thumb.

Photo 2.    Several layers of toilet paper are formed into a square and folded around the "index finger".

Photo 3.   Closing the handles causes the "thumb"  to hold the paper in place and the device is then used in a normal fashion.

Photo 4.   After use. the device is turned upside down and the "thumb" is released causing the soiled paper to drop into the toilet bowl.

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