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The WristTalker

Originator....Tom Jeary


THE PROBLEM:  This child wanted to be able to say when she needed to go to the washroom.

THE SOLUTION: A small recorder, available at Radio Shack, was used to pre-record the statement " I need to go to the washroom" Since the volume was very low a doorbell sound was recorded first as an attention getter. The devise was adapted with a bonded-on, wrap around plastic pad ,which in turn has a small nipple bonded on the underside that ingages the "play" button only( top picture). The device was fitted to a neoprene glove, as shown in the second photo. The glove comes off and on easily using a velcro strip on the seam running down from the little finger. Only light contact with her other hand is required to cause the bell to ring and the statement made.

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