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The Skiing Wheelchair

Originator....... Tom Jeary


THE PROBLEM:  To allow a person who must remain in his own wheelchair ( i.e. cannot be removed and placed in another apparatus ) to be taken along on a cross country ski trip and thus injoy the great outdoors, even in winter.

THE SOLUTION: The photo above is somewhat self explanetory except for a few small but important details. The skis are parabolic and this is important in allowing the chair to turn easily when pressure is applieded down thru the handgrips. The triangular frame is made of 1/4" x 1.5" mild steel to support this near adult and welded to a hub with a 1/2" hole  through it so that the wheel can simply be popped off and replaced with the ski while he remains in the seat. The small front wheel fits into a bracket and is held down with a bungee.  

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