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The Skeasy

Originator...Tom Jeary


THE PROBLEM:   We wanted to get people who do not walk, without the aid of crutches or a walker, to downhill ski..

THE SOLUTION: The skeasy is made up of an inner pair of short skis on which the person stands with the aid of a walker-like frame. The frame is attached to a pair of outer (parabolic)skis. The outer skis are set at about 22 degrees of inside edging and the are snowplowed (i.e. tips in) slightly. Inner and outer skis are connected, front and back, by strong flexible rubber strips. the whole rig is ALWAYS connected by a tether to a guide a few meters behind.the skier. The skier holds him/herself upright the same as they would in a walker and steers by applying pressure with the right or left hand which causes the parabolic inner edge of the affected ski to initiate the turn. Several versions and sizes have been in use sucessfully with the Kitchener Track III  Ski Club for the past three seasons.

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