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The Adapted Remote Switch 2

Originator....Tom Jeary


THE PROBLEM:  Numerous remote control devices, like the one shown in the first picture, above, are now available at very reasonable prices at stores like Radio Shack and can be made to control a wide variety of appliances. The problem is they are very small and compact and therefore difficult to operate for someone with deminished fine motor control.

THE SOLUTION:    As shown in photos 2 & 3 above, tough flexable "lexan" plastic can be used to enlarge the switch ( without modification to the electronics ). The plastic can be heated and shaped over a stove element. This one is designed such that any slight depression of the large circular pad will activate the tiny buttons of the commercial switch. The switch is held in place with a small dab of clear silicone. In this case the off button is purposely kept out of the way but the assistant can turn the appliance off by inserting a pencil through the small access hole.

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