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The Pill Dispenser

Originator......Tom Jeary


THE PROBLEM:  People with little or no fine motor skill left in their hands, who live alone, fine it difficult if not impossible to take their own pills. There is also the dislike of having others handle and put pills in their mouth and the caregiver is not always there when the pills need to be taken.

THE SOLUTION:  This dispenser can be easily loaded with the correct pill by a visiting caregiver. The person then has complete control to take their pills at the prescribed times.

- The construction is as shown in the photographs and can vary to suit the individuals needs.

- The material used is easily machined Lexan Plastic.

- The overall weight is purposely heavy so the dispenser stays put.

- A very fine washer is used between the base and the rotating pill holder layer to allow it to move easily with very little resistance.

- To further anchor the dispensed a layer of non-slip material is bonded to the bottom

- A locking lever allows the unit to be handled by the caregiver without danger of turning and therefore spilling pills

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