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The Multiswitch

Originator....... Tom Jeary


THE PROBLEM:   The challenge was to provide a series of switches to rest on a wheelchair tray that would allow a person with  only spastic motor control of their arm to:

1. Run the chair ( forward, back,left, right )
2. Run a computer ( curser up,down enter, etc.)
3. control various toys appliances etc.

THE SOLUTION:  The unit is constructed from plastic ( lexan ) . The switchs are seperated by a fence to prevent activating more than one at a time.The plates are multi-coloured to assist in identifying function. They are bonded at the back edge and rest on computer keybaod switches.Each switch is connected by 36" of flexible wire to a standard 1/8" jack. A non-slip rubber is bonded to the base of the unit.

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