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The Mouth Stick Holder 2

Originator....Tom Jeary


THE PROBLEM:  This young man is without the use of limbs as a result of MS but does have good head movement and control. He required a holder for his mouth stick that would be positioned acurately for his use and be able to swing out of the way to put him in and out of the chair.

THE SOLUTION:  The holder was made from a length of black PVC water pipe cut in half longwise and a cap bonded on the end. This in turn is bonded to an appropiately shaped lexan plastic bracket that swivels on a base attached firmly to the armrest of the chair with nylon ties. It took some trial and error rebuilding of the bracket to position the mouthpiece precisely. The mouthstick has a plastic disc ( of a diameter slightly less than the inside diameter of the holder ) attached, to that when he puts it back in the holder it will always remain horizontal.

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