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The Jar Opener

Originator....... Tom Jeary


THE PROBLEM:   A device was required that would allow a person with paralysis of the hands to unscrew the lid from a vareity of jar sizes   .

THE SOLUTION:   First,a standard vise was modified by bonding a 1" thick strip of fairly hard rubber to each jaw face. Each rubber strip has a "v" cut out of the center to allow firm gripping of the jar.The vise is mounted to a convenient (low) counter.The second component , as shown, consists of a plastic handle with a cam on the end. A 1" canvas webbing forms the loop that goes around the jar lid. The left side of the handle and the inside or the end of  the webbing have mating velcro strips.Using just the wrists, the web is positioned loosely around the lid. The webbing can be pulled snug with a finger  through the ring even though there is no muscle control of that finger Then the velcro is pressed together.A push of the handle to the right brings the cam into action, causing the web to tighten and provides leverage such that the lid is easily opened. 

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