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The Head Stick

Originator.......Tom Jeary


THE PROBLEM: This quadriplegic gentleman, restricted to head and neck movement only, leads a very dynamic and active life with great determination and spirit. He needed a device to allow him to use his computer, telephone and TV, turn pages, open doors and many other daily activities

THE SOLUTION: The Headstick Device was constructed from a cut down bicycle helmet. An additional band of rubber was installed to provide comfort and achieve a fit. The pointer is a firm ¼in metal rod rigidly attached to the side of the helmet and angled in so the pointer tip is central to his eyesight and is rubber tipped. The rod is necessarily heavy so a counter weight is attached to the opposite side for of the helmet for balance. Although an assistant is required to put the helmet on, he is able to remove it. Two Velcro straps hold the helmet in place under the chin. The outer strap has a ring hanging down at its end that can be hooked onto a knob on his tray. Then by raising his head he is able to pull the Velcro connection apart and by leaning his head to the side he can drop it onto the sofa or other soft surface

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