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The Lifting Harness

Originators...Marjorie and Sam Miedema

Design consulting ....Tom Jeary


THE PROBLEM:  My husband has ALS or Lou Gehrigs disease and we were having trouble with toiletting because weight bearing was becoming difficult.

THE SOLUTION:  We have worked on a harness, as shown ,and we are now using it and it works well. The whole two part harness is made of things we had except for toggles and D rings. The top part of the harness is made from a piece of ribcord bedspread. It is strong and soft and washable. It is filled with batting used for quilting. The straps that attach to the lift are a strong webbing. The straps around the chest are made from webbing off old straps from our son's wheelchair(He has CP) Then the harness is fastened around the chest with 2 -2inch buckles.The bottom part is made of seatbelt strapping around the waiste fastened by a buckle. The part that goes between the legs  ( like a parachute harness under the clothes ) is made of polar fleece. It is soft, does not bind and has some give. We tried first with seat belt webbing. It did not stretch which was good for lifting but it cut while sitting. An O ring fastens onto the top part by toggle clip. Now I can lift my husband to standing position while I do the toiletting. There is no such device available apparently. I have asked the OT and PT and they say to keep my husband in jogging pants or PJ pants. They are not an option for him!

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