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The Floatboard Cummunicator

Originator....... Tom Jeary


THE PROBLEM:   People who communicate by pointing to symbols lose this ability when in the pool. 

THE SOLUTION:    The floatboard is made up of three parts. The upper part is a plastic bucket turned upside-down and bonded to a section of  floatboard  A floatboard can be obtained at any sports store. Underneath, a second, much smaller plastic jar, filled with concrete, is bonded on. The end result is a floating communication board that always stays upright. Two strips of velcro go around the top bucket, to which can be attached twenty to thirty picture words.  A portion of the top (i.e. bottom of the large bucket ) can be removed and a separate lid put in place so that the inside area can be used for storage of picture words. These cards are clear plastic waterproofed. A short length of rope is used  to keep the unit from floating out of reach.

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