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The Fishing Rig

Originator.....Tom Jeary

E-mail......tlj@ golden.net

THE PROBLEM:  to make it possible for a quadraplegic ( limited use of arms and no use of hands ) to go deep sea fishing.

THE SOLUTION:  Once on the boat the wheelchair is secured in place to the deck. The rig shown is built of tough 1/2 " lexan plastic. It fastens securely to the wheelchair frame providing a strong stable platform close in to the stomach. On that platform is a universal joint that allows sideways rotation and up and down swing. The handle end of the fishing rod is adapted to fit into the universal joint. (OR, an adapter arm is connected to the handle of any fishing rod with rap-around clamps, as shown) The rod is held into the universal joint with a 1/4" quick disconnect pin. Once there is a strike on the line, the rod is taken from the outrigger to the universal joint where our fisherman can control it . The fish is attached to the line, to the rod, to the universal, to the chair, to the deck, with no strain on the fisherman. He operates the reel using a specially designed partial glove arrangement that is attached to the reel handle,as shown. The success of the project is easily measured by the look on his face. 

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