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Exerciser 1

Orininator....... Tom Jeary


THE PROBLEM: Many people, confined to a wheelchair, find it very difficult to get cardiovascular excercise, especially in winter. Beyond the obvious benefits anyone derives from a heart-lung workout on a regular basis, it is particularly important to the wheelchair-bound in providing increased bloodflow to prevent pressure sores. 

THE SOLUTION: This simple device acts much like a treadmill would for a runner. It is constructed of a 4' X4' wooden frame covered with 1/4"ply and carpet.The approach end is only 1/4" high and raises to about 4", allowing easy access with minimal strength required. Two sets of rollers are inserted,as shown, such that once rolled into position, the chair remains stationary while the wheels turn freely.A small ratchet mechanism on on the rollers allows the chair to be rolled forward only.To exit the platform simply roll backwards and the chair "pops" off the rollers. The user can wear wrist weights ,as shown, to provide a more strenous workout.   

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