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The Bow Maker

Originator.......Tom Jeary


THE PROBLEM:  This lady has for years created beautiful gift baskets. A recent stroke has left her with the use of one arm only. Most of the work in making up the baskets can be done with one hand....Except... making the bow.

THE SOLUTION:  This simple jig acts as a second holding hand. Two 1" dowels are placed apart about 7" on a plastic platform. It is laid on a sheet of "dyson" (in red) to keep it from slipping and all is held in place with a one hand clamp. A plastic spring clip is bonded to the base and rests against the right hand pillar. This clip holds one end of the ribbon which is the wire edged type for stiffness. The ribbon ( about 50 inches )is then wound around the pillars several times. A short length of pipe cleaner is twister around the middle of the bow and excess cut off. Each layer of bow can then be lifted off and shaped. All With One Hand.  

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