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The Tricycle Back Support

Originator.......Tom Jeary


The Problem: The handicap of this very delightful child is such that she is unable to support herself in the standing or sitting position. She loves to ride her new tricycle but needed firm support to hold her upright and her feet in place.

The solution: This rigid support is built from 1/16" x 1 1/2" metal strapping welded to the vertical tube just under the seat and shaped to provide a vertical "post" just behind her back. The vertical portion is in two parts with a series of holes on the center of each so that it can quickly be adjusted up or down to suit her future growth. At the top of the vertical bar is the curved horizontal support, Made from the same strapping. The whole unit is covered with foam pipe insulation held in place with nylon ties. At the top and bottom are adjustable quick connect canvas straps to provide the "seatbelt" that holds her in place. Her feet are held in place by velcro straps in wooden supports bolted to the pedals. 

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