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The Bedroom


  1. ARM ASSIST to add strength and lifting the arm
  2. HANDS FREE TELEPHONE   to allow a weak bed-ridden patient to use a phone.
  3. OVERHEAD BAR   toassist moving around in bed for a person with limited upper body strength.
  4. PONY TAIL MAKER to make a pony tail with one hand
  5. LEG LIFTER a lady in bed needs to get into her wheelchair.
  6. READER 2 to hold a book in view for a bed-ridden invalid with weakness in the arms and hands.
  7. SIT UP EXERCISE RESTRAINT to do sit ups in bed
  8. TV CONTROLLER 1   to change tv channels with only minimal movement of the head.
  9. TV CONTROLLER 2   to use a TV controller without use of hands.
  10. TV CONTROLLER 3  to operate a TV with very limited motion
  11. TYPEWRITER   to provide the opertunity to type for a patient confined to bed.  


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